「2022 International Conference on Advanced Biomedical Sciences臺灣國際創新生物醫學峰會」將於11/4-11/6於本校盛大舉行,投稿截止日延至111/10/20,鼓勵全校師生踴躍投稿發表

「2022 International Conference on Advanced Biomedical Sciences臺灣國際創新生物醫學峰會」將於11/4-11/6於本校盛大舉行,投稿截止日延至111/10/20,鼓勵全校師生踴躍投稿發表(本校師生免註冊費),會議資訊如下:
三、會議官網: https://spotlights.cmu.edu.tw/icabs2022/index.php
四、報名網址: https://spotlights.cmu.edu.tw/icabs2022/webpage.php?id=7
2022 International Conference on Advanced Biomedical Sciences will be held in CMU Shuinan campus on November 4-6, 2022. We encourage you all to submit your abstract to the conference. Deadline for submission is Oct. 20, 2022.
Now ICABS2022 is opened for registration (CMU faculty, post-doc and students can waive the registration fee), the information as follows:
1.   Time: November 4-6, 2022
2.   Place: B2F, Conference Hall, Administration Building, Shuinan Campus, China Medical University.
3.   Website: https://spotlights.cmu.edu.tw/icabs2022/index.php
4.   Online Registration: https://spotlights.cmu.edu.tw/icabs2022/we...