Alumni from the School of Dentistry of CMU have been more than 1300 and involve in all kinds of Dental services in both Taiwan or abroad.

Most of the alumni devote their career life in private sectors with contribution to local dental communities as community opinion leaders domestically. Most of the alumni moved to the USA serve in the academic: for instance, D1 graduated alumni, Dr. Hua-Hong Chien as Undergraduate Program Director of Periodontology at the Ohio State University and Dr. Yu- Hsiung Wang is an adjunct associate professor of Pediatric Dentistry at Connecticut State University. D12 Dr. Dun-Yi Hsu, associate professor of Department of Endodontics in Boston University. Moreover, D13 graduated alumni, Dr. Yi-Ping Chen who works at Department of Endodontics as an assistant professor of in Connecticut State University and Dr. Chia-Yi Chen is an adjunct assistant professor at the Department of Endodontics, Columbia University. Some of the alumni provide service at the dental clinics in the USA: D2 Yong-Ming Kang, D3 Roan-Hsiang Chen, D5 Dai-Chen Liu and Jian-Ming Huang, D8 Chang-Xiang He who open their clinics in the west; D5 Mei-Gui Huang works in the east; D17 Wei-Ting Ho works in the middle-east.

Currently, there is only one alumnus D16 Wei-Gang Xiao owns his dental clinic in Malaysia.